Just Released!: Peter Rabbit Free Version 4.0

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Just Released!:  Peter Rabbit Free Version 4.0

Classic story book known and loved the world over by Beatrix Potter.

Two modes to enjoy: “Read to Me” and “Read Myself”. In “Read to Me”, voice over narration plays for each page. To turn the page, simply “swipe” with your finger towards the next page, or back to the previous page. Either way the narration will start again. In “Read Myself” the page narrations are turned off. Great way to develop early reading skills.

There is a little surprise animation on every page if you touch the right character’s head, or object Check it out!

Soothing background music plays thru out the reading experience.

In the Free Version, only the first 7 pages are available. To have the entire book and the extra activities, please purchase the “Unlock” offered at the lowest app price.

Activity Pages- Coloring Activity pages with upgraded features! You have coloring pages for each page of the story, plus one blank for your own creations! Many color choices and now choice of 3 “line widths” and 3 “color intensities”. And after your coloring or drawing, can choose to “print”, “save” or “share”!

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