DeskTop Photo Player for your Mac, the best way to enjoy all your digital photos while you work or relax!  2.1 release fixes issues with randomization of photos and defect with sequence of photos displayed getting ‘stuck’.  Please download new version and enjoy!  (Under certain conditions, one photo may still get “stuck” in display list, will be fixed and released very soon, upgrades are free after purchase).

Photos are displayed randomly from any folder (or folder of folders).

Folder(s) can be on your Mac’s hard drive, or a plug in USB dongle or on a drive on your local network!

Floating window can be sized by dragging on the little blue square in the lower right corner! Photos are sized to be of constant height, width of window will vary automatically according to the size of each photo.

Play action buttons enable you to pause, go forward or back thru the recently played and upcoming photos.

Options to share or open current photo easily accessible with on-screen control. The on-screen controls can be easily clicked on/off with a mouse click!

Photos refresh time set by you, from 3 seconds thru 15 minutes.

This will become one of your favorite Apps! And enable you to enjoy all your photo memories!

DeskTop Photo Player 1.0 Information

DeskTop Photo Player is desktop floating borderless
window, randomly displaying photos from your photo

Photos change automatically, you
pick the time interval from a 5 sec to 30 min. Player randomly
selects photos from the folder you select (and all folders
under that folder). It tracks 40 photos at a time that you can
move forward and backward. It automatically randomly refreshes
this list, 20 at a time, as photos are displayed. Photos that
have been displayed are noted and not recycled until all
photos in a folder have been seen.

The photos are displayed in a unique “Floating Window”. That
window can be moved freely anywhere on your currently

Choose Photo Folder

With the first run of DeskTop Photo PLayer, you will be asked
to select a folder with photos (see 1 & 2). This can be a folder with
photos or a folder containing many other folders of folders of

You will then be asked if you want the program to “Autostart
at Login” (see 3). This is convenient if you want to always have your
photo player on display.

Initial Setting Steps on First Run

Moving and Resizing Window

To move the window, simply move the mouse cursor into the
window and hold down the left mouse button and move to desired
position, then release the button.

To “Resize” the window, use mouse to move cursor to the blue square
at the lower right hand portion of the window, click and hold
and drag to your desired size, either smaller or larger (see 4).

Control Buttons

There are 4 convenience buttons in top left corner to control
main actions. These buttons can be “turned on/off” by simply
clicking the mouse button while in the window.

First button is the “Share” giving access to share current photo.
The next three are standard player buttons: “Back”, Pause” and “Forward”.
When hitting pause the full path of the current photo is displayed above the controls
(see 5).

If the window is not wide enough, you may not see the whole path,
but you can still right-click to copy the path,
or widen the window to see full path.

Floating Menu

Convenient and easy to access, the Floating Menu, can be accessed
by right-clicking within the photo window. The menu pops up and you can make
your selection (see 6).