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Photo JigSaw Puzzle Free Version



Great 12 piece Jig Saw Photo Puzzle, comes with one photo built in, but with optional upgrade can use any of your photos.  Now with added options of 16, 25 or 30 piece puzzles! And with the ‘My Photo Unlock’ will enable endless combinations of fun and skill building.

Great fun for your young ones (and maybe even older ones) when you make jigsaw puzzles from your own photo collection!Fun, entertaining and personal!  Unlimited variations with any of your family, travel or personal pictures from you iPhone, iPad or iTouch version 5.1 and above.

i8squarePuzzle Free Version

Comes with 3 built in photos and can be upgraded to use any of your photos!  Keeps track of the top 3 best score for each of the 3 built in and 3 optional “your photos”.  Challenging and fun puzzle for the old and young.  Currently supporting iPhone, iPad or iTouch 6.0 or later.


PicPuzzles Free Version

Pic Puzzle Iphone Application  pic puzzle1   pic puzzle2




Try your skill at putting these square puzzle pieces back together!

PicPuzzles is a game that takes a photo and makes it into scrambled squares  for a fun and challenging puzzle. The Free Version comes with over 50 built-in photos, but the upgrade will enable you unlimited choice of photos from your iPad, iPhone and/or iTouch. You choose photos from your device and are able to size, crop and fit the portion of the photo that you want in the puzzle.

What’s New in Version 2.0
New features:
* Set puzzle squares size to 9, 16 or 25 (25 piece puzzle is very difficult on iPhone/iTouch).
* Over 50 built-in pictures that can be randomly selected for your puzzle enjoyment.
* Multi-Player capability with optional Skillz Network, select the ‘Multi-Player’ option and you will be guided thru set-up and use.
* Look and Feel upgraded for ios7.
* Same great option to use photos from your own device!